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My "My Little Pony" Rainbow Valley
My MLP Memories
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My first “My Little Pony” was Fizzy.  I got her for my fourth birthday.  I remember opening up my first birthday present and there she was.  She was so sweet and cute.  I loved her from the beginning.  I loved the way her eyes twinkled and she had a very friendly look to her.  I hugged her close and vowlled to take care of her.  I even remember hugging her and whispering,  “Don’t worry, Fizzy, I’m going to take care of you just like Megan does.  I love you so much.  You’re going to be wery happy here with me.”  After I got Fizzy, many other ponies followed.  I loved them all.  But Fizzy was my absolute favorite.  I still have her til this day and she’s almost mint.

          Anyway, back to the story.  When I was five years old, a terrible and wonderful thing happened.  First thing was, my Dad sat my brother and I down for “the talk”.  You all know the one I’m talking about.  The one where he said,  “Your Mom and I love you and your brother very much, but we just don’t love each other anymore.”  He then told us he was leaving.  I remember begging him not to go, but it was no use.  He left that night after he tucked Fizzy and I in.  I remember, holding Fizzy close and crying myself to sleep.  I told Fizzy how sad I was  and how much I wanted Daddy to come back.  From that day on, Fizzy became my best friend.  I told her stuff I was afraid to tell my family.  About a week after Daddy left, I got the Rainbow of Light locket from my grandmother.  I was so excited and I wore it every day since. 

          After I got the locket, I started to identify with Megan more.  I watched the MLP TV Show and taped it and memorized all the songs. 

Fizzy went everywhere with me.  I had a lot of operations because of being born early, so Fizzy went with me everytime I went to the hospital.  I wouldn’t go anywhere without her.  I knew that if she was with me, everything would work out. And it almost always did. 


I had a special place in my heart for the baby ponies too.  My favorites were Baby Lofty, Baby Sunribbon, Baby Glory, Baby Moondancer, Ember, Baby Cotton Candy and a rainbow baby pony I named Baby Rainbow Star.  I  would tuck them into bed every night and sing them to sleep just like Megan did.  They seemed to like it and it helped all of us get to sleep. 

Baby Lofty was one of my favorite baby ponies.  I got her when I was five years old and I loved her ever since. 

I would carry her around with me everywhere I went and I would always cuddle with her at night when I would have a bad dream.  She was so cute and I still have her til this day.  I always had Firefly be her mother and she would always watch her for me whenever I was at school or went shopping.  But when I was home, Baby Lofty was my shadow. 

Sometimes at night, I would wake up and find Baby Lofty beside me.  Her eyes were open and I could tell she had had a bad dream.  I picked her up and cuddled her for awhile, singing her a song that helped her fall asleep.  She always held a special place in my heart.  I knew whenever she needed a hug and whenever it was time for nap, I would pat Baby Lofty the longest next to Baby Rainbow Star, and Baby Cotton Candy, who were two other favorites of mine.

          I would always tell the baby ponies, especially Baby Ofty

about my day, whether it was bad or good.  Baby Lofty could always get me to laugh.  She had this cute look about her and I couldn’t help but giggle whenever I looked at her.  She always brought a smile to my face.



Firefly was my ultimate favorite audlt pony next to Fizzy.  I loved her almost as much.  Firefly was a source of comfort for me whenever my Mom would leave me alone with a baby-sitter every night.  I got Firefly when I was five years old. I remember it like it was yesterday.

          It was a Saturday morning.  I was going to my Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop and Aunt Gracie’s house.  I always went there every Saturday from the time I was two til I was thirteen years old.  I would get up, have breakfast and then Aunt Gracie would come and pick me up.  we would go shopping and then pick up the newspaper for Pop-Pop before heading back home.

          On this particular Saturday, I was doubly excited.  I knew Aunt Gracie had a surprise for me and I couldn’t wait to get it.  I knew it had something to do with “My Little Pony”, although I didn’t know what it was exactly.

          When Aunt Gracie came to pick me up, I gave Mom a hug and then we were off.  As we rode to K-Mart, I fixed Fizzy’s mane and tried to calm a very cranky Baby Half Note.  I don’t know what was wrong with her, but I Think she was just tired.  On the way, Aunt Gracie and I listened to some oldies music and talked a little.  She asked me what I wanted to buy at the store and I said,  “Uhmm, I don’t’ know.  A pony.”

          Aunt Gracie nodded and smiled.

          “How did I know you were going to say that?”  She asked.

          I Shrugged and then touched the Rainbow of Light carefully.  I knew I was in for a fun day.

          When we arrived at K-Mart, Aunt Gracie got what she needed first while I waited patiently for my turn.  I was a very patient child.  I knew things would go easier for me that way.  When we finally got to the toy aisle about twenty-five minutes after reaching the store, I glanced around at all of the “My Little Pony” stuff they had.  I knew I only had twelve dollars with me, so I had to pick carefully.  I also knew we were going to the dollar store after this and I wanted to buy some hair barrettes so I put myself on a budget of eight dollars to spend and I forced myself to stick to it.  As I gazed around at the shelves of “My Little Pony”, I saw a few baby ponies that I already had and smiled at them.  I would see them when I got home.  I looked around for a few more minutes before my eyes fell upon Firefly.  She was the most beautiful pony I had ever seen.  She had a blue mane and tail and she was pink with gold dots on her hips.  Her brush was shaped like a shooting star.  I picked her up carefully and said,  “You’re going to be very happy with me.”  It was when I put my hand against the plastic to feel her brush, did I notice that she also came with a video.  I glanced at the title and squealed with joy, Megan was on the cover along with Firefly.  I loved Megan and I knew I was going to like the video as well.  But as I stood there, a thought occurred to me.  What if the video cost more than four dollars?  I couldn’t buy both.

          Aunt Gracie then came up behind me and asked,  “Did you pick what you wanted?”

          I nodded and showed her Firefly.

          “Aw, she’s pretty.  Firefly, huh?  And look, she comes with a free video!  Aren’t you a lucky girl?”

          I nodded and instantly, all my fears vanished.  The video was free!  That meant I didn’t have to pay for it.  I then glanced around for a few more minutes and ended up picking out SweetStuff along with Firefly.

          When I got back to Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop’s, I got out Fizzy and Baby Half Note, along with a few other ponies I had brought and started to play “My Little Pony”.  I had wanted to watch the video too, but Aunt Gracie didn’t have a VCR, so I would have to wait until I got home.  I was okay with that.  It meant I had something to look forward to and it also meant I had something to share with my best friend, Colleen, the next day.

          That night, I slept with Firefly, Fizzy and Baby Half Note.  We all cuddled underneath the blanket and I gave each one of them a kiss good-night.

          “Sweet dreams everyone,”  I said, before drifting off to dreamland.  “I love you and I’ll see you in the morning.”

          Firefly never left my sight ever since then.  I still have her til this day and she is still one of my favorite adult ponies.  She holds a special place in my heart and she will always be the mother of my “My Little Pony” family.



I remember the first time I saw the MLP Movie . It was on a Wednesday afternoon.  The night before, I had had a strange dream.  My mother had gone out like always and I was left with a baby-sitter.  She was nice and her sister and I were best friends, but I still wanted my mother to spend time with me.  I remember falling asleep that night and wishing that I would find an answer.  I had a dream that I was in dream valley.  Fizzy met me and took me to Paradise Estate.  At the time, I didn’t’ know what it was, but I knew I was with my best friend, so it was okay.  I met several other ponies and then Megan asked me to take a ride with her and Wind Whistler.  I did so and we talked.  She told me that everything was going to be okay.  I believed her, but then I asked her,  “How do you know?”
          Megan smiled at me and said,  “I know because, there’s always another Rainbow.  Everything will work out for you.  I promise.”  With that,she gave me a hug and then Fizzy took me back home.

          The next morning, I woke up and asked Fizzy what Megan meant.  I got my answer that night.  I was in a bad mood because my Mom had left again and she wasn’t around.  I felt lonely and I was playing MLP by myself.  Baby Cotton Candy and Baby Half Note had been bad, so I put them on time out.  I was putting the other baby ponies down for nap when I started feeling tired myself.  I sung them “Let’s Not Take a Nap”, and I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up, it was almost dinner time.  I made my bed and took Baby Half Note off time out.  She promised me that she would be good.  Baby Cotton Candy was cranky, so she stayed on time out for a little while longer.  I went downstairs to eat dinner and there was my grandmother.  She said she had a surprise for me and I opened the package to find….  What else?  The MLP Movie!!  I thanked her and gave her a hug, then after dinner, Fizzy, Firefly and I watched the movie together.  I let Baby Half Note, Baby Cuddles, Baby Lofty, and Baby Rainbow Star, watch it too.  As I watched the movie, I got my answer.  As Megan started singing “There’s Always Another Rainbow”, I gasped.  I looked down at Fizzy and said,  “Megan was right.  Everything is going to be okay.”  After that day, I was convinced that Megan and I had a special bond.  My life didn’t become any less hectic, but I always believed that there was always another rainbow for me and that things would work out. 

I collected more and more ponies over the years and played MLP with my best friend, Colleen.  Whenever we played MLP together, I always played my Megan and Colleen was always my Molly.  Sometimes a little girl named Theresa would play their sister, Julie, but most of the time it was just my Megan and my Molly who came to Ponyland to spend time with the little ponies.  Firefly was my Megan’s best friend, while Fizzy was my Molly’s best friend and Medley was my Julie’s best friend.  My Megan viewed Firefly as her mother since the Hartson girls didn’t have one, and Julie felt the same way about Medley.  Molly viewed Megan as her mother along with her big sister, so it was okay.  Sometimes, a kid named Timothy would play Danny, but that was rare.  Danny wasn’t in our version of MLP and I had created my own characters of Megan and Molly and Julie Hartson, so they were mine.  Everything else, with the acception of some of the stuff that went on at the Hartsons’ Aunt Abby’s house, was always what we saw on the show with a few acceptions here and there.

My favorite ponies were always Fizzy, Firefly, Baby Cuddles, Baby Half Note, Baby Lofty, Baby Rainbow Star, Baby Moondancer, Baby Glory and Baby Cotton Candy.  Colleen and I would play school and pretend that the baby ponies went to school like us.  Megan was their teacher and they got lessons from Posey about flowers and gardening.  It was so much fun.



I always loved “My Little Pony” and of course the TV series and movies were a favorite of mine too.  Still are.  My favorite pony is Fizzy, but with the TV Series it was a little different.  I Loved Fizzy, no doubt about that, but when it came to the series, my heart went out to the baby ponies.  Especially Baby Lofty, Baby Half Note and Baby Cotton Candy.  I loved them to pieces and I always liked it when they did something really cute, which was most of the time or when they spent time with Megan.  I loved most of the episodes in the “My Little Pony” TV Series, but my favorite ones of all are “The Magic Coins”, “Quest for the Golden Horseshoes”, “Fugitive Flowers”, “The Return of Tambelon”, “Through the Door”, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, “The Great Rainbow Caper”, “Mish Mash Melee” and “The Ghost of Paradise Estate”. 


Whenever I would watch my favorite episodes of MLP when I was younger, I would replay the episode, but only stick my favorite ponies in as main characters and of course have my Megan and Molly’s sister, Julie come along too.  I always stuck with my own Megan, Molly and Julie whenever I played MLP or wrote MLP stories, which didn’t happen until at least two years later.


I remember the first time I saw “The Magic Coins”, after it was over, I replayed the episode with my ponies and had Fiirefly be the one to take Megan to the volcano.  Wind Whistler was there too of course, but Fizzy was the one who helped Megan get the ruby and then Wind Whistler ended up saving both of them.  When I would play the “Golden Horseshoes”, Fizzy was the one who was hurt because I didn’t have Mimick, and frankly, I didn’t like her.  And of course when I did “The Ghost of Paradise Estate”, I made Baby Cotton Candy go get Megan and Baby Lofty went with her to get Molly.  Then I had Baby Cotton Candy be the one who was truly afraid of the ghost and Megan spent some time patting and comforting her, so she was there when the ghost attacked the second time, so Molly had no need to get her.  I would always re create my favorite episodes of MLP and make Fizzy be the main pony in need or helping out.  She wasn’t as much of a bubble head as Gusty called her in my stories and play.  She was a little scattered, but for the most part, she was/is a sweet, easy going unicorn who just wanted to help her friends.


My favorite “My Little Pony” Songs are: “There’s Always Another Rainbow”, “Dancing on Air”, “Remember, Always Look Twice”, “Let a Song Carry You Along”, “Imagine You Were Friends”, “how Does My Garden Grow?”, “In No Time At All”, “It’s All in Your Imagination”, “Being Somebody Else”, “What Are We Gonna Do About Dinah?”, “All Through the Night”, “By Right, I Should Be Queen”, “Call Upon the Sea Ponies”, “Home”, “From the Sun” (Version 1), “From the Sun” (Version 2), “All Wrong, All Right”. “Stretch Yourself” (Version 1(, “Where Have the Unicorns Gone?”, “How Can You Be So Cold?”, “Let’s Not Take a Nap”, “Dressed Like a Dream”, “Let the Bell of Freedom Ring”, “There’s A Prince in Your Future”, “It’s Wonderful to Have a Heart”, “The Play’s the Thing” and “In the Forest”.


I liked these songs because they have meaning for me in my life and  I live by the motto of “There’s Always Another Rainbow” and I’ve found it to be true for me.  Whenever I’m feeling down or having a bad day, I start singing or humming “Let a Song Carry You Along” and “There’s Always Another Rainbow” and I feel better.