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My "My Little Pony" Rainbow Valley
"Megan to the Rescue"
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AUTHOR’S NOTE:  Some of these scenes are from “Firefly’s Adventure”.  I just changed them a little.



“Megan to the Rescue”



It was a warm evening in Ponyland.  Firefly and Medley were resting by the waterfall and talking.  Twilight was putting Ember to bed as well as the other baby ponies.

As Firefly got up to do her double inside out loop, thunder suddenly clapped and lightning flashed.

Medley flew into the air, wanting to get as faraway from whatever had come to hurt them.  Unfortunately, she was so intent on getting away, that she didn’t notice the winged creature take her from behind.

“Medley!!”  Firefly cried in alarm.  She performed her double inside out loop, hoping to distract the creature, but it only made him madder.  He then swooped down and grabbed Fizzy, who was trying to put another similar creature in a bubble.

Just then, another winged creature headed for the nursery.

“Oh no you don’t!”  Firefly exclaimed.  She had a look of determination on her face. She flew after the creature, trying to head it off, but it was no use.  The creature swooped into the nursery and sought its prize.  Its red eyes connected with Ember’s blue ones and before Twilight could do anything, the creature had swept Ember up in its claws.

“No!”  Twilight cried.

Ember started to cry from fear.

“Mama!!  Mama!!  Auntie Firefly, help!!  AUNTIE FIREFLY!!”

“I’m coming, Ember!”  Firefly assured her scared niece.  She dove for the winged creature, but it snickered and flew away with Ember still crying and calling for her Mama and Auntie Firefly.

Firefly sighed and realized what she had to do. She had to get help and she knew just the person to ask.  As she flew off, Sparkler called out to her.

“Firefly!!  Firefly, wait!!  Where are you going?!”

Firefly didn’t slow down, but she did answer her friend.

“To get help!”  With that, Firefly soared over the Rainbow hoping the person she needed was home.  She knew this person would be able to help her.  Not only was she Firefly’s best friend next to Medley, but she also was the keeper of the most powerful source of good magic around.  The Rainbow of Light.  Firefly was sure this person would be able to help her rescue her friends.



Meanwhile over the Rainbow in Nebraska, ten year old Megan Hartson was sitting in her Aunt Abby’s backyard, grooming her horse, ROSE PETAL.  ROSE PETAL had been brought to Aunt Abby’s farm two weeks after Megan, Molly and Julie had moved in temporarily.  As Megan groomed ROSE PETAL, she patted her mane gently.

          “All right, there ya go, girl,”  Megan said with a grin.  “All ready for tomorrow’s ride.  Now I’m going to get your food and then I have to-“  Megan’s sentence was interrupted by a sudden splashing sound.  Megan gasped as she ran over to the well and started to lift the bucket up.  “Whatever this is, it sure is heavy!”  Megan commented, lifting the bucket up with both hands.

          “Gee, hello to you too, my sweet girl,”  a familiar voice said as Megan set the bucket down.

          Megan blushed as Firefly, her best pony friend, shook out her wings and flew out of the bucket, landing beside the young girl. 

“Sorry,”  Firefly apologized as she shook her wings out for a second time.  “Didn’t mean to get you wet. But seeing as you gave me such a nice greeting. . . “  She smirked as she nuzzled Megan, who continued to blush as she ran forward and gave Firefly a hug.

 “Firefly!  What are you doing here?  Not that I’m not happy to see you, but what’s wrong?”

Firefly nuzzled Megan again before telling her what was up.

“We’ve got trouble.  Big trouble.  Hop on!”

“What kind of trouble?”  Megan asked as she climbed onto her best friend’s back and patted her mane gently.

Firefly smirked and then asked,  “Uh, you do know how to ride I hope?”

Megan gave Firefly an indignant look, but she was smiling as she replied,  “Of course I know how to ride!”

“Great!”  Firefly said as she took off for the Rainbow.

“Wait!”  Megan cried, taking her hand off Firefly’s mane, which made the pink Pegasus stop in mid air.  “What’s going on?  What’s the trouble?”

“We need your help!  Some creature kidnapped Medley, Fizzy, Ember and Bowtie.”

Megan nodded and frowned. She was sorry that her friends were in trouble, but she also wasn’t sure if there was anything she could do to help.

“What can I do?”  Megan asked, not feeling very confident in herself.

“You’re strong!”  Firefly insisted as she flew towards the Rainbow and Dream Valley.

“No I’m not!”  Megan replied.

“You can fight!”  Firefly encouraged, hoping it would help her sweet girl feel more confident.

“No I can’t!”  Megan insisted, feeling a sense of fear wash over her.  She was getting in over her head this time.  And while Megan appreciated Firefly’s confidence in her, she really didn’t think there was much she could do.

“Ooh, I know you’ll be able to help!”  Firefly said, nuzzling Megan gently.

“No I wo-o-o-on’t!!!”  Megan cried as Firefly caught the Rainbow.

Firefly smiled and nuzzled Megan again.  She knew exactly what her sweet girl needed.

“Pony feathers!”  Firefly exclaimed.  With that, she started to sing.  “ They’ll be dancing on air when they greet you, dancing on air with glee!”

Megan shook her head.

“I doubt they’ll be celebrating, when they see, it’s only me.”

“They’ll do cartwheels in air when they see you, their hopes will start to rise!”  Firefly assured her sweet girl.

“From what they’re anticipating, they’re in for a big surprise!”  Megan contradicted her

“They’ll be floating. Lighter than a cloud,”  Firefly assured her scared friend.

Megan shook her head.

“They’ll be gloating, laughing right out loud!”

Firefly sighed and shook her head.

“The sight of you will send spirits flying!”  Firefly said confidently.

“One or two may burst out crying,” Megan said despairingly.

Firefly sighed an stopped in a cloud to rest.

“Megan, you’re a dream come true, I wish you would believe it too.  You’re the answer to our every prayer!’

“Time will tell if I’ll come through,”  Megan sang, feeling a lot more confident now,  “but just imagine if I do!”

“They’ll be dancing,”  Firefly assured Megan.

“Prancing,”  Megan chimed in, feeling a lot better.

“Dancing on air!”  The two finished in unison.

“How do you feel now, sweetie?” Firefly asked as she nuzzled Megan gently.

“Better,”  Megan replied.

“Aw, that’s my sweet girl.  Come on.”  Firefly landed in Dream Valley and the rest of the little ponies who had managed to get away, came out to greet them.  When they saw Megan, they all cheered.

“Firefly did it!”  Sweetstuff cheered.

“We’re saved!”  Lofty cried.

“Megan make everything better gain!”  Baby Cotton Candy insisted, nuzzling Megan and trying to climb into her lap.

Megan smiled and picked Baby Cotton Candy up.  She really loved her a lot.

“I’ll try,”  Megan promised, giving Baby Cotton Candy a kiss and hug. “I’ll try my best, Baby Cotton Candy.”

Baby Cotton Candy was satisfied with this.

Megan then put her down and jumped back on Firefly.

“Come on!”  Megan said.  “We need to go and see the Moochick.”

“You said it, my sweet girl!”  Firefly said.  “Let’s fly!”  With that, Firefly, Megan, Moondancer, Powder and Sparkler went to see the Moochick while the rest of the little ponies stayed behind to watch the baby ponies.  It was time to find out what had happened and save their friends.

As Firefly flew towards the Mushromp, a winged creature came at them.  It tried to get Megan, but Firefly was too quick for it.

Just then, Megan saw the creature heading for Dream Castle.

“We have to stop him!” Megan shouted. “He’s heading for the nursery!”

“Say no more!” Firefly said. She flew off towards the nursery in hopes of saving the baby ponies.

When Megan and Firefly reached the nursery, Megan jumped off Firefly’s back, landing cat like on her hands and knees.  She got to her feet and glanced around.  As she was about to run into the nursery, she whirled around at the sound of a baby pony’s cry.  She gasped when she saw Baby Cotton Candy in the clutches of one of the winged creatures.  Baby Cotton Candy looked utterly terrified.

“Megan!!  Megan!!  Megan, help me!!  Megan help, pwease!!”

Megan glared at the creature and pulled something out from underneath her shirt.  It was a heart shaped locket containing the Rainbow of Light.  She opened the locket and commanded,  “Okay, Rainbow of Light, do your stuff!”

The Rainbow of Light soared out of the locket at the sound of Megan’s voice and obeyed its keeper.  It successfully rescued Baby Cotton Candy and flew her back to Megan.  As Megan cradled Baby Cotton Candy close, she gave her a kiss.

“Shh, shh, hush now, Baby Cotton Candy.  It’s okay. Megan has you now.  Everything’s going to be okay.  I promise.”  Megan then set Baby Cotton Candy down and Twilight took her into the nursery.  Once Twilight and Baby Cotton Candy were gone, Megan turned her attention to the creature and her expression totally changed. She glared at him and was about to give him a piece of her mind, when she felt herself leaving the ground.  But it wasn’t Firefly she landed on.  As Megan felt herself being taken away, she cried out in fear,  “Firefly!!  Firefly help!!  Fi-Firefly Help me please!!  FIREFLY!!!”  She was beginning to cry from fear.

“Megan!”  Firefly cried in alarm.  She rushed to her sweet girl’s rescue and managed to get Megan safely on her back again.  She nuzzled her to try and calm her down.  Once Megan was safely back on the ground, she glared at the creature again.

The winged creature just snickered at her.

“Leave this land, child!  This battle is not yours!”

Megan shook her head and continued to glare at him.

“What are you doing, you. .  .. you horrible beast!  You’re a monster!!  Do you hear me?!  A MONSTER!!  You leave my friends alone!”

The creature just laughed and flew off.

Firefly nuzzled Megan and smiled with pride.

“Whew!!  See?  You are brave.”

Megan shook her head, but she was blushing.

“Am not!  He just got me mad that’s all!”  She jumped onto Firefly’s back again and held on tightly.  “Now come on.  We’ll save our friends.  Somehow.”

“You said it,”  Firefly said as she flew off towards the Mushromp once again.

When they arrived at the Mushromp, the Moochick welcomed them warmly and then said,  “Come in, come in!  No time to waste!  No time to waste! NO TIME TO WASTE!!  Unless you want to stumble around in the dark for all eternity.”

“Dark?”  Megan asked, feeling a shiver go up her spine.

The Moochick nodded.

“Yes.  Tirac is going to force your friends to bring in the night that never ends.”

“How can he be stopped?”  Megan asked.

“Well, somebody has to sneak into his throne room and steal his Rainbow of Darkness.  That’s what gives him his power ya know.”

Megan nodded.

“Is there a safe way to Tirac’s castle?”  Firefly asked, knowing the answer was going to be no.

The Moochick shook his head and then gave Megan a map.

“That should help,” he said.  “Now be on your way!!  There’s no time to waste!!”

Megan stifled a giggle as she rolled the map up and stuck it in her pocket.

“Good-bye Mr. Moochick and thanks.”
          As Firefly flew back to Dream Castle to pick up Sparkler, Powder and Moondancer, she sighed.

“I hope this map is right.”

“You and me both,”  Megan said.  “You and me both.”

After the five friends left Dream Castle, Firefly headed in the direction based on the map.  As they got to a bridge, Firefly went to fly over it, but Sparkler called her back.

“Wait!!  It’s not fair if you get to fly over it and we don’t!!  You’re the only Pegasus here.”

“But I have my sweet girl on my back and-“  Firefly started to protest, but Sparkler wouldn’t’ hear it.

“Megan can walk across this. She’s fine.  Now get your tail down here.”

Firefly sighed and did so. She let Megan dismount, but the moment Megan did so, the bridge gave way and she slipped out of sight.

“MEGAN!!”  Firefly shouted in alarm.  She then glared at Sparkler, who looked totally guilty.  “I’m going in after her!”  Firefly shouted.  As she soared for the water, Powder pulled her back.

“Firefly, wait!!  I think I hear something.”

Firefly waited and then saw an enormous clam shell appearing out of nowhere.  Then singing could be heard from it somewhere down below.

“Shoo-be-doo, shoo-shoop-be do!  Call upon the sea ponies when you’re in distress.  Helpful as can be ponies, simply signal SOS.  If you find your cast a drift or haven’t got an or-ore, call upon the sea ponies, they’ll  see you to shore.”

“Are you sinking fast?”  Wave Dancer sang.

“Had some nasty shocks?”  Sea Light asked. 

“Feeling like all hope is gone, and washed up on the rocks?”  Wave Jumper asked.

“Call upon the sea ponies, when you’re in distress. Helpful as can be ponies, simply signal SOS.  If you’re rudder runs a fowl or sea weed holds a grip, kelp!  Count upon the sea ponies, they’ll see you get help! Sea ponies, sea ponies, simply signal SOS.  Sea ponies, sea ponies, simply signal SOS, signal SOS!!”  The sea ponies brought the clam shell up to eh bridge and Megan climbed back up to where Firefly, Sparkler and Powder were waiting.

Firefly nuzzled Megan and got her sweet girl onto her back again.

“Megan!”  Firefly said, sounding relieved.

“You’re all right!” Sparkler said, grinning at Megan.

Megan nodded, but she didn’t grin back.  She was a little upset with Sparkler.  If only she had let Firefly fly across the bridge instead of making her land, then she, Megan, wouldn’t have fallen.

“The sea ponies saved me!”  Megan said with a sigh of relief.  She then smiled down at the sea ponies and said,  “Thanks, sea ponies!”

Sea Light smiled back and nodded.

“No problem.  And if you need us again, just call!”  With that, she tossed a shell to Megan.

Megan took it and thanked the sea ponies again.  After everyone was accounted for, Firefly took off again, not taking anymore orders from Sparkler.

As they got to Midnight Castle, a raging river loomed ahead.

Megan shivered a little and Firefly nuzzled her gently.

“It’s okay, sweetie. We’re taking the easy way.  Hang on, my sweet girl!”

Megan did so and Firefly performed her double inside out loop, earning a giggle from Megan. She loved it when Firefly did her famous trick with her on her back.

When they got into the castle, they started looking for the Rainbow of Darkness.  The halls were endless and it seemed like they were never going to find it.  Megan was also worried about Medley and Fizzy and especially Ember.  Ember was just a baby.  She was barely five years old!

“This place is like a maze!”  Megan complained as they made their way through the many halls of Tirac’s castle.

“We’re never going to find that Rainbow of Darkness.”  Sparkler said despairingly.

“I think we’ve had enough of your opinion today,”  Firefly said, glaring at her friend.

Sparkler glared right back, but remained silent after that.  As they continued to search, Megan heard crying coming from a room just to the left of where they were going.

“Firefly, wait!!  I think I hear something.”

Firefly stopped and listened.  She too could hear crying.  She flew for the door and performed her double inside out loop again, while Megan used the Rainbow of Light.  It opened the door.

“Good job, Rainbow!”  Megan said, patting her locket lovingly.

After the door was open, Megan gasped. Ember was sitting against the wall, crying. She looked scared out of her mind.

“Oh, Ember!”  Megan said sympathetically.  She jumped off Firefly’s back and landed cat like on her hands and knees again. She jumped up and raced to the baby pony’s side. “It’s okay now, Ember.  It’s all right. Hush now. We’re here now.  Come on, honey.  Come to Megan.”

Ember obliged and threw herself into Megan’s arms.  She was shaking and all she wanted was her Mama.

“I want my Mama!”  Ember cried.

“I know you do,”  Megan said, giving Ember a kiss.  “I know.  You’ll see her soon.  I promise.”  Megan then jumped onto Firefly’s back, still holding Ember close.  “Now all we need to do is find the others.”
          “You aren’t going anywhere!”  An evil voice suddenly boomed from right behind them.

Megan jumped and almost fell off Firefly’s back.

Ember whimpered and pushed herself deeper into Megan’s gentle hold.

Tirac smiled evilly as he pulled something out of his pocket.

“Looking for this by any chance?”  He held up a pouch with what Megan could only assume was the Rainbow of Darkness.

Sparkler lunged for it, but only managed to get herself captured in the process.

Megan gasped.

“Sparkler!”  She shouted.

“Your friend is mine and so is the Rainbow of Darkness!”  Tirac said, laughing evilly.  He then turned Sparkler into a stone monster before their very eyes.

Megan gasped and shook her head.  She couldn’t’ believe what she was seeing.  It had to be a bad dream, but Megan knew it was far from a dream.

“The game is over little ponies,”  Tirac continued.  “The power is mine!”

Megan shook her head and glared at Tirac. She then pulled out the Rainbow of Light.

“We have a power of our own, Tirac!  Take this!”  Megan then opened up the locket and commanded,  “Okay, Rainbow of Light, do your stuff!”

The Rainbow of Light shot out of the locket at the sound of Megan’s voice and surrounded Tirac.  It threw him off balance and he dropped the pouch containing the Rainbow of Darkness.

Firefly nuzzled Megan.

“Way to go, my sweet girl!”  Firefly exclaimed.  “Now let’s go free the others!”  With that, Firefly flew towards the dungeon to rescue their friends.

When Fizzy saw Megan, she cried,  “Megan!!”

“I’m coming Fizzy!  Hang on!”  Megan then used the Rainbow of Light to break open the door.  Once that was done, the little ponies ran out to greet their friends.

Medley nuzzled Firefly and then Megan.

“You did it!”  Medley exclaimed.

“Good show!”  North Star said, grinning at Megan.

“You said it!”  Fizzy said, nuzzling Megan as well.  A few bubbles came out of her horn, making Megan giggle.

Firefly nodded as she did her double inside out loop in celebration.

After everyone returned to Dream Castle, Twilight nuzzled Ember and refused to let her baby out of her sight.  The only exception was when Megan wanted to give Ember a hug and kiss good-bye.

Glory smiled as Megan set Ember back down.

“You should have seen her,”  Glory said.  “She was running around the Castle crying,  “My Baby!!  My baby!!  My poor baby!”  I thought she was going to have a nervous break down if you guys didn’t come back soon.”

Twilight gave Glory a glare and swatted her with her tail.

Megan giggled.

Firefly smiled and then turned to Megan.

“Well, I think it’s time to get you back home, my sweet girl.  Your Aunt Abby is probably worried sick.”

Megan nodded, but she felt a little disappointed that she couldn’t stay a little bit longer.  But as she climbed on Firefly’s back for the journey home, she knew she would be back tomorrow.

When they returned to Aunt Abby’s house, Megan dismounted and gave Firefly a hug.

Firefly nuzzled her sweet girl and said,  “Thanks, honey.  You really saved the day.”

“No problem,”  Megan said.  “It was my pleasure.  I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

Firefly smiled and nodded as Megan patted her mane.

“You can count on it, my sweet girl. Good night, Megan.  Sweet dreams.  I love you, sweetie.”

“I love you too,”  Megan said as she gave Firefly another hug.  After she stood up again, she watched Firefly take off for the Rainbow and Ponyland once again.  “Safe trip back.”

“Aw thanks, my sweet girl.”

After Firefly was gone, Megan went back to getting ROSE PETAL’s food ready.  As Megan was filling ROSE PETAL’s food troth, she smiled.  It had certainly been a long night.

After Megan was done feeding ROSE PETAL, she patted her mane gently and went back into the house.  As Megan was getting ready for bed, her bedroom door opened and her five year old sister, Julie came in.

Megan smiled when she saw her.

“Hey there, little one.  Shouldn’t’ you be asleep?”

Julie just smiled and wrapped her arms around Megan’s waist.

Megan picked her younger sister up and gave her a kiss while tucking her in bed beside her.

“Where were you, Megan?”  Julie asked.  “Did you go to Ponyland again?”
          Megan smiled and nodded.

“I sure did.”

“What was it like?”  Julie asked.   “Please tell me, Megan.  Please?”

Megan grinned as she gave Julie another kiss and hugged her close.

“Now how could I refuse a plea like that?  Especially since you asked me so nicely.”

Julie giggled and snuggled into her big sister for a cuddle.  She had really missed her.

“Well, it all started when I was outside, grooming ROSE PETAL. . . ..”  As Megan continued her story of what had just happened, she smiled.  She liked telling Julie about her adventures in Ponyland and she couldn’t wait to take Julie on one.

After Megan was done telling Julie the story, she tucked her little sister in bed and gave her a kiss.

“Sweet dreams, little one.  Megan loves you very much.  I’ll see you in the morning.”  With that, Megan laid down and fell asleep to sweet dreams. She couldn’t wait to see Firefly the next day and she knew she was going to have a fun time in Ponyland.  After all, there was always another Rainbow and if you looked hard enough, you could find a Rainbow anywhere.



          THE END