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My "My Little Pony" Rainbow Valley
My MLP Story Titles and Summaries
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DISCLAIMER:  I DO NOT own any of the ponies, unless otherwise noted.  They belong to Hasbro.  Niether do I own any of the songs you see in these stories or some of the references to episodes of MLP.  They belong to Hasbro as well and any of the writers who thought up this wonderful and I do mean wonderful show.  I do however own Megan Julia Hartson and her two younger sisters, Juliea Corina Hartson, Julie and Molly Shaianne Hartson, along with their Aunt Abby, and their parents, Tim and Lisa Hartson and their other relatives.  I also own Megan’s best Human friend, Allycen Sierra, Allyce’s older brother, Josh, their little sister, Alicia, Megan’s boyfriend, Patrick, Julie’s best Human friend, Charlotte Martin, and her family, and Molly’s two best Human friends, Kirsten Anessa and Lexi Pearlson.  Along with any other characters whom you don’t recognize.





My MLP Story Titles and Summaries:



Title:  “Dancing on Air”


Summary:  Eight year old Megan Julia Hartson doesn’t like school because bullies pick on her.  But little does Megan know who is looking out for her.


Rating:  G



Title:  “Megan’s Secret”


Summary:  Megan loves going to Ponyland and is thrilled when Firefly takes her over the Rainbow to spend the weekend, but can Megan keep her second home and new friends a secret from her little sister, Julie until the time is right?


Rating:  G


Title:  “Receiving a Gift from Above”


Summary:  Megan and Julie’s new little sister, Molly is born, but not everything is what it seems.


Rating:  PG (Child abandonment.)



Title:  “let a Song Carry You Along”


Summary:  Megan takes Julie to Ponyland where Julie makes a new friend.


Rating:  G



Title:  “A New Friend for Molly”


Summary:  Megan takes her new baby sister, Molly, who is just two years old, to Ponyland for the first time.


Rating:  G



Title:  “Megan to the Rescue”


Summary: My version of “Firefly’s Adventure”.


Rating:  G



Title:  “There’s Always Another Rainbow”


Summary:  Megan, Molly and Julie always have fun when they go to Ponyland, but can Megan protect her sisters from the terror they endure every time Firefly, Lofty and Medley take them back to their Uncle Mark’s house?


Rating:  PG-13 (Child abuse and mild language.)

Title:  “Sisters Forever”


Summary:  Megan can’t seem to catch a break.  She lost her favorite necklace that Firefly gave her for her tenth birthday and her little sister, Julie is coming to Ponyland with her and Molly because their Aunt Abby has to work.  Then Julie gets into some trouble when she wanders off while in Ponyland and doesn’t tell Megan or Medley where she’s going.  To top it off, Megan lands in the hospital after one of Julie’s temper tantrums goes too far.  Can Firefly help her sweet girl through this difficult time?


Rating:  G



Title:  “Facing Fears”


Summary:  Megan and Molly, along with Firefly and Fizzy must face their greatest fears when Jeweldara along with the Witches from the Volcano of Gloom trap them in a dark forest and then the mirror of fears.  Meanwhile, Megan and her younger sisters, Julie and Molly and their little cousin, Kassy, move to Ponyland.


Rating:  PG (Mild action.)



Title:  “Enough Love to Go Around”


Summary: Megan adopts an abandoned baby pony she names Baby Rainbow Star, which causes Julie to become jealous.


Rating:  G



Title:  “Protecting Megan”


Summary:  Patrick and the little ponies must protect Megan from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Ryan Cummings.


Rating:  PG-13 (Abuse.)


Title:  “Needing to Know”


Summary: Molly goes on a search to find out why her mother abandoned her and her sisters. 


Rating:  PG (Child abandonment.)



Title:  “Nothing to Sneeze At”


Summary: Megan finds out that Julie is allergic to cats.  Also, Megan must learn how to balance her time between her two younger sisters.  Meanwhile, Molly feels hurt when Fizzy does something for Julie that she normally only does for Molly. Will the two best friends be able to straighten things out and make up?


Rating:  G



Title:  “A Birthday to Remember”


Summary:  The events leading up to Megan's fifteenth birthday are certainly unforgettable.


Rating:  G



Title:  “The Perfect Gift”


Summary:  Baby Rainbow Star and Molly go on a search for the perfect family day gift for Megan.  Meanwhile, Megan finds out why Baby Tic Tac toe dislikes her so much. 


Rating:  G






Title:  That's What Friends Are For”


Summary:  Molly, Megan and Fizzy reminisce while looking through Molly’s photo album.


Rating:  PG (Mild child abuse.)



Title:  “Medley's Wedding Day”


Summary:  Medley turns to Megan for comfort and help when her abusive ex-boyfriend, Moonstruck, shows up a few days before Medley and Airedale’s wedding day and causes some trouble for Medley and her friends.


Rating:  PG (Abuse.)



Title:  “The Right Time”


Summary:  Firefly feels it’s the right time to become a mother and adopts a baby pony.  Meanwhile, Megan adopts another baby pony of her own.


Rating:  G



Title:  “Firefly’s Mistake”


Summary:  Megan’s ten year old sister, Julie, doesn’t like riding any other Pegasus but her pretty Medley.  When Medley has to take care of a sick Melody, Firefly suggests a flight and Julie agrees.  But when Julie accidentally falls off Firefly’s back in the middle of a storm, Julie says she’ll never take flights or rides with Firefly again!  Can Megan and Firefly, along with Medley hehlp her sweet little bluebird overcome her fear and forgive Firefly?


Rating:  G


Title:  “A Best Friend in a Scary Place”


Summary:  When Molly is taken away from Megan and placed in a group home for a short time, she is reunited with her best Human friend, a girl named Lexi.  Also, Molly makes a few new friends and discovers that she’s not alone in the abandonment department.


Rating:  G



Title:  “Imagine You Were Friends”


Summary:  Lexi, Molly’s best Human friend from the group home, comes to visit Ponyland.  Meanwhile, Molly, Lexi and Julie go to camp where Julie meets an old friend of Megan’s, who turns out to be a new friend for Julie.


Rating:  G



Title:  “Peeking into the Past”


Summary:  While on a flight with her pretty Medley, Julie tells Medley about her past.


Rating:  PG-13 (Mild child abuse.)



Title:  “The Reading Bug”


Summary:  Molly’s friend, Kirsten Anessa comes to Ponyland for a visit, but not everything is what it seems.  Can Molly along with Firefly hehlp Kirsten overcome her reading problem?


Rating:  G





Title:  "Julie’s First Crush”


Summary:  When Megan goes over the Rainbow for a date with Patrick, she leaves Julie and Molly in the care of a new baby-sitter named Jake.  Sparks fly when Julie, who is just eleven, develops a crush on him.  But when Julie finds out that Jake has a girlfriend, will Julie be crushed forever?


Rating:  G



Title:  The Bubble Mystery”


Summary: When Fizzy becomes mysteriously ill, it's up to Megan and her friends to cure her. Can they find the special necklace in time?


Rating:  G