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My "My Little Pony" Rainbow Valley
"A New Friend for Molly"
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“A New Friend for Molly”



It was a beautiful day in Nebraska.  Ten year old Megan Hartson smiled as she got ready to go to ponyland.  She had been going over the Rainbow to ponyland now for two years and she enjoyed the time she spent there.  What made this trip special though was that she was going to bring her little sister, Molly, who was just two years old with her.  She had promised Molly that she would bring her and she had told her all of the stories about her adventures with Firefly, Medley, Fizzy and all of the baby ponies and Molly was eager to go.  She liked Firefly and had met her a couple of times so far.  Firefly even had a special name for Molly.  She called Molly her precious peanut.  Molly enjoyed that special name and enjoyed spending time with Firefly.  Firefly had a special name for Megan too.  She called Megan her sweet girl and Megan enjoyed that a lot.  She and Molly, along with their sister, Julie, loved Firefly a lot.

          Firefly would sometimes stay to play with Molly and Julie when she brought Megan back home, but that was only if Megan’s Uncle Mark was out, which was very often. 

As Megan searched the sky for her best friend of two years, Molly gasped and said, “Firefy!!! Firefy!! Megan!!! Look, Firefy!!”

Megan giggled at her little sister’s proununciation of their friend’s name and smiled.

“You’re right, my little sunshine.  That is Firefly.  Come on.  Let’s go say hi.”  Megan scooped Molly up in her arms and went to greet her best friend.  She gave Firefly a hug and let Molly give her one as well.

“Hey my precious peanut.  How are you?”  Firefly asked as Molly gave her a hug and kiss.

“Good!”  Molly said happily.  Then she turned to Megan and asked, “Go to ponyland now, Megan? Pease?”

Megan nodded and scooped Molly up in her arms.

“We sure are, my little sunshine.  Come on.”  She hopped on Firefly’s back and they headed over the Rainbow to Dream Valley.

As Firefly soared over the Rainbow, she asked, “Where’s my Jules?”

“Over Charlotte’s house for the day,”  Megan replied.  “Aunt Abby is going to bring her back to Uncle Mark’s house an hour after we get back.”

Firefly nodded. She missed her Jules, but she was glad Julie was having fun.  Julie really deserved it.

When they got to Ponyland and Dream Castle, Molly started becoming shy.  She wasn’t used to everyone and she started crying as Megan put her down so that she could greet the little ponies.

“Aw, it’s okay, my little sunshine,”  Megan said as she picked Molly up and hugged her close.  “It’s okay, Moll.  Megan has you.  You’re safe and sound in my arms where you belong.  It’s okay, sweetie.  That’s my little sunshine.  It’s okay.  Come on, let’s go inside and have some juice and pretzels.

Do you want to go inside with me and have a snack with Firefly?”

Molly nodded as she buried her face in Megan’s shoulder and continued to cry.

When they reached the kitchen, they found Medley, Fizzy and Baby Cotton Candy enjoying lunch.  Fizzy galloped over to Megan as did Medley and Magic Star.

After Megan greeted them, she put Molly down, who immediately wrapped her arms around Megan’s waist, wanting to be picked up again.

“It’s okay, Molly,”  Megan soothed.  “It’s all right.  We’re going to sit down and have something yummy to eat now.  Come on.”  She picked Molly up and gave her a hug before setting her in a booster seat that the ponies had set up for her.  After Molly was sitting down, Megan sat down next to her.

After Firefly had given Megan and Molly their snack, Megan thanked her and then said, “What do you say to Firefly, Moll?”

Molly looked towards Firefly and said, “Thank you, Firefy.”

“Aw, you’re welcome, my precious peanut.  Enjoy.” After Firefly had gotten something to eat for herself, she sat down.

As Molly ate her snack, she looked across the table at Fizzy, who smiled at her warmly.

Just then, without warning, a few bubbles came out of Fizzy’s horn.

Molly giggled at this and smiled at the green unicorn.  She then turned to Megan and asked, “Megan, whose dat?”

Megan smiled and said, “That’s my friend, Fizzy.  Fizzy, this is my little sister, Molly.”

Fizzy nodded and smiled at the child.

“It’s nice to meet you, Molly.”  Fizzy then blew more bubbles, getting another giggle out of Molly.

“I think Molly likes your bubbles,”  Megan said with a giggle.  She then turned to Molly and asked, “Do you like Fizzy’s bubbles, Moll?”

Molly nodded and then asked, “Blow bubbles gan, pease, Fizzy?”

“Sure!”  Fizzy said, giggling herself.  “I’m glad you like ‘em.  Do you want to play with me after lunch, Molly?”

Molly nodded and smiled.  She then turned to Megan and asked, “Me play with Fizzy afer lunch, pease, Megan?”

Megan nodded and smiled at her little sister.

“Sure you can, Moll.  Just let me get you cleaned up first.  You have to finish your lunch, okay?”

Molly         nodded and did so.

“Aw, that’s my good girl.”



After lunch was over, Megan washed Molly’s face and helped her wash her hands.  After she was washed up, Megan let her go play with Fizzy.

As Fizzy blew more bubbles for Molly, Megan went to read a book in the sunroom and talk to Firefly and Medley.  She knew that Fizzy would take good care of Molly.

As Fizzy was playing bubble catch with Molly, Baby Heart Throb and Gusty came into the room.  Gusty smiled when she saw Molly.  She had never met her before, but she had heard a lot about her from Megan.

“Hey!” Gusty said.  “Whose the kid?”

Fizzy giggled.

“This is Megan’s little sister, Molly.  Molly, this is Gusty and this is Baby Heart Throb.  Can you say hi, sweetie?”

Molly shook her head and did something that surprised Fizzy.  She started crying and instead of running to find Megan, she buried her face in Fizzy’s mane, while wrapping her arms around Fizzy’s neck.

“Aw, it’s okay, Molly.  It’s all right.  Gusty won’t hurt you.  You don’t have to be afraid..”

Gusty nodded.

“Well, see ya later, bubble head!” Gusty said, directing her comment at Fizzy.

Molly turned around and glared at Gusty.

“No call Fizzy names! NOT nice! Say sorry!”  Molly demanded.

Gusty was taken aback by Molly’s outburst.  She didn’t know that Molly was going to understand what she had said, let alone who the comment was for.

Fizzy nodded and glared at Gusty.

Just then, Megan came into the room.  When she saw that Molly was crying, she went to scoop her up, but Molly backed away and pointed an accusing finger at Gusty.

“What’s going on?”  Megan asked.  “Is Molly okay?”

Fizzy nodded.

“She’s fine.  She’s just mad at Gusty.”

“Why?”  Megan asked.

“Gusty call Fizzy bubble head,”  Molly told Megan through her tears.  “make her say sorry!”

Megan nodded and smiled at her sister’s kindness.  She had no idea that Molly was going to warm up to Fizzy so fast.  Then again, Fizzy was the sweetest and friendliest unicorn Megan had ever met, so it wasn’t surprising that the two had formed a close bond in just a few hours.

“Gusty,”  Megan said, frowning, “you need to say you’re sorry to Fizzy.”

“But I was only kidding.” Gusty said.

“Were not!”  Molly shot back tearfully.  “Say sorry now! You not hurt my best fend!”

Fizzy’s heart melted at this compliment from Molly.  She had barely known her for an hour and already the child had said she, Fizzy, was her best friend.  Gusty blushed, but did as she was told.  Even though she didn’t feel it.

“I’m sorry,” Gusty said.

“There,”  Megan said, smiling at Fizzy and Molly.  “Feel better, Moll?”

Molly nodded and her tears stopped almost instantly.

Gusty smiled and then said, “Sorry that you are such an air head!” With that,she left, laughing.

Molly glared after her and gave Fizzy a hug and started crying again.

“Shh, shh, hush.  Shh, hush.  It’s okay, Molly.  It’s all right.  Shh, hush.,”  Fizzy soothed.  “It’s okay, Molly.  It’s all right.  I’m okay.  I promise.”  She nuzzled Molly gently and reassured her that she wasn’t hurt by what Gusty had said.  It took some time, but Molly eventually calmed down and she and Fizzy started to  play again.

Megan smiled as she patted Molly’s shoulder and said,

“You guys play and then in a little while, we have to go home.”

Molly shook her head as fresh tears came.

“No!”  She whimpered.  “Don’t want go home, Megan! Want to say here with Fizzy!”

Fizzy soothed her as did Megan, but it was no use.  Molly didn’t want to leave and she wasn’t very happy when Megan announced it was time to go an hour later.



When they got back to Uncle Mark’s house, Megan put Molly down for her nap and then asked, “Did you have fun today, my little sunshine?”

Molly nodded as she closed her eyes.

“Want to see Fizzy gan, pease, Megan?”  Molly asked hopefully.

“Sure you can,”  Megan said.  “I promise, we’ll go back to ponyland tomorrow.”

Molly nodded and drifted off to sleep.

Megan smiled as she kissed Molly on the cheek and gave her shoulder a pat.

“Sweet dreams, my little sunshine. I love you very much. I’ll see you when you wake up.”  With that, Megan went to see what Julie was up to. She wanted to make sure her little one was okay.

As Megan left the room, she smiled.  She was glad that Molly had made a new friend and Megan knew that Molly and Fizzy would be friends for a long time.  Both of them had really big hearts and Fizzy really cared about Molly as well as Megan and she loved to have fun.

Megan couldn’t wait until she took her sisters to Ponyland again. She knew Molly and Julie would have a good time.  After all, there was always another Rainbow around the bend and if you looked hard enough, you could find a Rainbow anywhere.  And Megan was sure the same thing went for a new best friend.




                   THE END