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My "My Little Pony" Rainbow Valley
My "My Little Pony" Story Introduction
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My MLP Story World:



For everyone who has read other MLP stories and has watched the TV Show, I want to let everyone know what you are getting into before you follow Fizzy and I over the Rainbow into the land of my stories.


My MLP World is somewhat different than the one on TV.  What I mean by that is I actually use my own original characters of Megan, Julie and their little sister, Molly.


See, when I was five years old, I created three characters named Megan Julia Hartson, Julia Corina Hartson, Julie, and Molly Shaianne Hartson.  They’re sisters.  Megan is the eldest, Julie is in the middle and Molly is the youngest. They are very close and will do anything to protect one another.  Megan looks out for Julie, Julie looks out for Molly and Molly looks out for Megan. It’s a circle so to speak.  Megan loves both of her little sisters very much and will do everything in her power to see that they stay happy, healthy, safe and most of all loved.  I put some of my own traits into all three girls’ personalities as well as some traits from my two best friends, Samantha and Colleen.  I also put some original traits into them too.  All three Hartson sisters hold a very special place in my heart.  See, when I was little, I had the ponies before I saw any of the movies or the TV series, so when I saw that they had created a Megan, boy was I surprised!

 But I stuck with my Megan, Julie and Molly all the way.



Megan’s full name in my original as well as my MLP stories is Megan Julia Hartson.  Her mother, Lisa, named Julie after Megan because Megan helped her get ready to go to the hospital.  Megan is a sweet and caring girl of about eight to seventeen years old, depending on the time the story takes place.  She

has blond hair and green eyes.  Megan loves everyone and tries her best to help everyone get along.  She has a special gift of getting through to people

and ponies through song and she uses it a lot.  She is very nice, but she can be stern if she needs to be, but that is generally with her sisters and Baby Rainbow Star and Serenity, who are Megan’s adoptive daughters.  And especially with her cousin, Danny when he gets on her nerves.  Megan has one best Human

friend in school and that is Allycen Sierra.  Alice is very sweet, but can tell someone off if they are picking on her friends.  She and Megan met in fourth grade and have been best friends ever since.  When Megan moved to Ponyland, she lost contact with Alice, but then they were able to spend some time together


          Megan has asthma and allergies to pollen. It’s because of this that Firefly makes sure Megan has her mini pack with her inhaler, and allergy medicine on her at all times. Especially if the Hartson girls are in Ponyland because Ponyland is full of pollen.  Whenever Megan gets an attack that is especially bad, Firefly helps her in anyway she can and after Megan either uses her inhaler or gets her allergy shot, she’s better by the next  morning.  The same goes for if she gets a migraine, which happens a lot because of her allergies.  When a migraine hits, Megan is usually in bed for the duration of the day or night, depending when it strikes. If she gets enough rest, she is better by the next day.  I based the whole migraine thing on myself and the allergy and asthma thing on my best friend, Samantha.

          Megan and Julie are very close, but not as close as Megan and Molly are.  Megan loves both of her little sisters very much and will do everything in her power to protect them, but because of their home life and the cards they were dealt, Megan is closer to Molly because she is like her mother along with her older sister.  The reason is, when Megan was eight and Julie was three, their mother, Lisa, started to not take care of them.  She left the job of looking after Julie to Megan.  After the girls’ Aunt Abby, Lisa’s sister, got wind of the situation, she took the girls in and everything seemed fine until Molly, their youngest sister was born.  After that, Lisa claimed she was ready to take her children back, but everything was not how it seemed.  She told Megan that she was going to have to look after Molly and that she, Lisa didn’t want anything to do with her youngest daughter.  She even let Megan name the newborn baby girl.  Megan named her youngest sister, Molly Shaianne and raised her along with Julie for the next two years.

When Megan was ten, Julie was five and Molly was two, Lisa abandoned her children at a shopping mall and never returned.  After the girls were discovered by a social worker, they were forced to live with their Uncle Mark, who was not a very nice guy.  After four years of abuse, Megan and her sisters

finally found their Rainbow of hope.  Aunt Abby won custody of them in court and everything seemed okay.  They went to Ponyland more often and spent their days having fun with their best pony friends.

          Megan’s special names for her two younger sisters are very cute.  I came up with them myself.  She calls Molly her little sunshine and Julie her little one or little one. Megan also has a special name for Fizzy.  She calls her Miss Fizzy. Megan started calling Fizzy that a year after she started going to Ponyland.   Fizzy likes her special name from Megan a lot.

          Megan has called both Julie and Molly by their special names ever since they were born.



Julie’s full name in my original and MLP stories is Julia Corina Hartson.  She doesn’t get called that very often, unless she’s in BIG trouble.  Julie is a sweet and caring little girl of about three to twelve years old, depending on the time the story takes place.   Julie has reddish blond hair and green eyes.  She loves the little ponies very much and she is very close to Megan.  She is very clingy with her big sister, but that’s only if she’s not feeling

well or really scared.  She can get tough, but that’s only if someone is picking on Molly or Megan.  Otherwise, Julie is very sweet.  She loves Molly too and enjoys spending time with her little sister, but Julie loves spending time with Megan the best.  She is stubborn too, but that’s only if she thinks Megan is punishing her unjustly.  Julie’s best Human friend in my stories is a girl named Charlotte Martin.  Charlotte has an older sister named Stacy.  They have a younger brother named Justin and two younger sisters named Araina and Analaisa.  Araina is a brat while Analaisa is very sweet and very close to Charlotte.  Justin is a boy and therefore will pick on Julie and Charlotte as much as he can.  Stacey sticks up for them of course.


Molly’s full name in my original and MLP stories is Molly Shaianne Hartson.  Megan named her once she was born because as you know, Lisa, their mother, didn’t want anything to do with her and gave her to Megan to raise.  Molly is a sweet and very caring little girl of about sixteen months  to eight years

old, depending on the time the story takes place. Molly has light brown hair and hazel eyes.  She loves Julie very much, but she is VERY close with Megan.  She thinks of Megan as her mother along with her big sister.  She’ll go to Megan if she needs comfort for any reason and she loves it when Megan sings

to her, either at bedtime, naptime or just when she needs to be cheered up. Megan’s special songs for both of her little sisters are “You Can Find a Rainbow Anywhere” for Julie, and “There’s Always Another Rainbow” for Molly. As for their little cousin, Kassy, who is also very close to Megan, her favorite song

is “Let a Song Carry You Along”.  Molly’s best Human friend is a girl named Kirsten Anessa.  She is a bit of a tom boy, but very sweet once you get to know her.  She has a street wise attitude, but never takes it with Megan or Molly, unless Molly takes one with her.  Molly’s other best Human friend is a little girl named Lexi Pearlson.  Molly meets Lexi when she and her sisters are forced to live in a group home for awhile. The two girls become very close.  Then when Molly is taken away from Megan for awhile and placed in the same group home, she and Lexi meet up again and Lexi takes a trip to Ponyland to spend some time with Molly and her sisters. Lexi meets Firefly and the two hit it off right away.


Now for Megan, Molly and Julie’s best pon

y friends.



Megan’s best pony friend of all is Firefly.  In my version of MLP, Firefly and Megan met when Megan was just eight years old.  Firefly saved Megan from some bullies at school and then they were best friends ever since.  The Moochick gave Megan the Rainbow of Light to protect her from the bullies and it chose her as its keeper.  Firefly is the pony keeper for the Rainbow of Light.  While Firefly is daring and a show off when it comes to tricks sometimes, she loves all her friends and would NEVER put them in danger voluntarily.  Especially Megan or Medley.  Firefly has a special name for Megan as well as one for Julie and Molly.  She calls Megan her sweet girl, Molly her precious peanut and Julie Jules.  In my MLP stories, I don’t have anyone else call

Julie “Jules”, but Firefly. Not even Megan and Molly or Aunt Abby, who the girls live with when they aren’t in Ponyland.  Firefly will do anything for all three Hartson children, but she loves Megan the best.  She tries not to show it, but it’s hard.  Firefly thinks of Megan as her daughter.  And Megan thinks of Firefly as her mother, because she doesn’t have one.  And Firefly lives up to it all right.  Firefly is very sweet, but if Megan does something worng, like jump off Firefly’s back in mid flight, Firefly will certainly give hera lecture and punish her from the double inside out loop for a week.  Firefly also does this if Molly does something wrong and Julie too.  She doesn’t play favorites at all when it comes to showing the Hartson girls right from wrong.

          Firefly is always ready to help anyone who needs it and she has a big heart and a lot of love to give all of her friends.  Megan often turns to Firefly for help if she needs some comfort or just some good advice.  She’ll also turn to her whenever she’s sick with either a migraine or an allergy or asthma attack.



Now for Molly’s best pony friend.  In my MLP stories, Molly’s best pony friend in the whole world is Fizzy.  She loves her with all her heart and will do anything for her as will Fizzy for Molly.  Molly’s second best pony friend, is Baby Lofty.  She likes Lofty too, but Baby Lofty thinks of Molly as her big sister.  Molly and Fizzy met when Molly was two years old.  One of Megan’s presents for Molly was to take her to Ponyland.  While it’s true that Firefly has known Molly longer than Fizzzy has, Molly will sooner go to Fizzy for comfort or advice before any other pony.  But Firefly is close second as adult ponies go for that sort of thing.



Julie’s best pony friend is Medley.  She and Medley are very close.  Julie calls Medley her Pretty Medley and Medley calls Julie her sweet little hummingbird.  Julie will tell Medley things she can’t tell Megan or thinks she can’t tell Megan.



Now for Danny.  Danny’s full name in my MLP stories is Daniel Michael Smith.  The reason is, Danny is not Megan and Molly’s brother in my MLP stories.  He is their cousin.  His best pony friend is Surprise, but Slugger runs a close second.  Danny does come up a lot, but not that much.  He likes it in Ponyland,

but he much rather be playing with his friends over the Rainbow.


Kassy Aurora Hartson is a sweet little girl around the age of three to six, depending on when the story takes   place.  Kassy is a cousin of Megan, Molly and Julie.  She is the girls’ Aunt Dana’s daughter.  When Kassy was just three years old, Aunt Dana abandoned her and Abby took her in.  Then when Megan, Molly and Julie moved to Ponyland, they took Kassy with them.  Kassy is very sweet and friendly.  She’s a little shy around new people or ponies, but she is very close with Megan.  Kassy has a speech problem with “PL” words and that’s why her mother abandoned her.  Megan and Firefly are working with her on it.  They are the only ones besides Fizzy who can get Kassy to use her words and try to say difficult ones.  Kassy’s best pony friend is Baby Half Note, but she likes Firefly too.



The Original Ponies in my Stories:



Baby Rainbow Star is Megan’s adopted daughter as is Serenity.  I did this because I thought it would be cute and considering Megan’s ordeal with her ex abusive boyfriend, Ryan Cummings, I Figured she would more likely adopt.

          Baby Rainbow Star is a baby pony of around two to five years old, depending on when the story takes place.  She is very cute and sweet.  She is very close to Megan and loves her to pieces.  She doesn’t mind not being around her, but she likes it best when she’s spending time with her Mama.  Her favorite aunt

is Firefly.  She thinks of Firefly as her aunt because Firefly and Megan are so close.  She also calls Molly Auntie Molly, Julie Auntie Julie, Fizzy Auntie Fizzy and Medley,, Auntie Medley.  This is because since Molly and Julie are Megan’s sisters, they are her aunts and since Fizzy and Medley are so close

to the two Human girls, Baby Rainbow Star considers them her aunts.


Serenity is Megan’s other adopted daughter.  She is about six weeks to two years old, depending on when the story takes place.  She is very cute and very close to Megan too.  The only difference is, when she gets older, she calls Megan “Mommy” not “Mama”.  Megan doesn’t mind this of course.


Baby Sunflyer is Firefly’s adopte

d daughter.  I wanted to go a different route when Firefly decided it was the right time to become a mother, so I had her

adopt from Majesty’s center at her castle.  Baby Sunflyer is very sweet and cute.  She loves her Mommy very much and is very close with her Auntie Megan and Auntie Medley.  She really loves playing with the other baby ponies, but she loves playing with her cousins, Baby Rainbow Star and Serenity the most.

 Ember is very close with them too.



If anyone wants to use these three original ponies as well as my original characters of the Hartson girls, just e-mail me and ask first.