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My "My Little Pony" Rainbow Valley
MLP TV History
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“My Little Pony and Friends” started out with three movies back in the early 80’s.  The first one was called “Firefly’s Adventure” and was sold with the pony, Firefly.


The story told of eight or more little ponies who lived in a place called Dream Valley.

          One day, the ponies were just either lounging around or flying around, in Firefly and Medley’s case, when all of a sudden  n evil villan named Tirac, came and kidnapped Ember, a baby pony and Cotton Candy, an earth adult pony.  Tirac took them to midnight castle where he held them prisoner.

          Not sure what to do, but knowing she had to do something, Firefly takes off in search of someone to help her, despite Medley’s pleas that it’s too dangerous.  She flies over the Rainbow and meets a young girl about the age of ten or eleven, named Megan. Megan is grooming her pony, TJ and getting him ready for the next day’s ride.  After Firefly introduces herself, she tells her new friend what’s going on and insists Megan return with her to see what she can do.  Megan doubts herself and is not sure what she can do to help, but Firefly believes in Megan wholeheartedly. She gets her confidence back

up and before they know it, they’re back in Dream Valley and it’s time for the showdown.  They go to the Moochick who gives them a necklace called the Rainbow of Light.  And then it’s off to Midnight Castle to rescue their friends.  During that trip, Megan meets the sea ponies after she dives into the lake after Apple Jack, an accident prone earth pony who falls  hrough the rickidy old bridge leading to Midnight castle.  After that, the group keeps going and manages to not only find Midnight Castle, but save Ember,  Cotton Candy and a little baby dargon named Spike, who moves into Dream Castle with the little ponies.  After everything is put right again, Firefly flies Megan back home, but she has a feeling her new friend will be returning to Ponyland soon.



The next “My Little Pony” or MLP movie was called “Escape from Catrina”.  This one was a little shorter than “Firefly’s Adventure”, which was two parts long.  In “Escape from Catrina”, the ponies are getting ready for Megan’s second visit to Ponyland.  They are having a costume ball in her honor.  Sundance, a clumsy earth pony wants to help, but every time she tries, she does something wrong.  Finally, everything is set and Skydancer, a Pegasus, arrives with Megan on her back.

          The most excited ponies of all to meet the ponies fast becoming best Human friend are the new babies. Baby Moondancer, Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Surprise, and Baby Glory.

          Megan falls in love with Baby Cotton Candy and Baby Glory instantly. She loves all the baby ponies, but they are her favorites it seems.  In the middle of the excitement over Megan’s arrival, Posey insists that the baby ponies must be wel rested in order to attend the costume ball.  The baby ponies agree, but grumble about it. Megan assures Posey she’s got it under control and indeed uses reverse psychology to get the baby ponies to take their nap. She sings a song with them and lets them play for awhile until they tire themselves out.  After the baby ponies are asleep, Megan goes to help out with the last minute party plans. SHE meets Sundance and helps her overcome her clumsy faults.

          But when the party finally is going to happen, Baby Moondancer is kidnapped by a witch named Catrina.  She wants the little ponies for her slaves to create her witch weed potion and since the bushwoolies escaped, Catrina doesn’t’ have anyone else to make the potion for her.

          Megan and the ponies, with the help of the Rainbow of Light, save Baby Moondancer and they are finally able to have their party.



The next and final movie that launched the TV Series was called “My Little Pony:  The Movie”.  And I have to say, this one is my ULTIMATE favorite of all!!

          The little ponies are preparing for their annual spring festival and they are anxiously awaiting for Megan to come and join in the springtime fun.

          But if the witch, Hydia, has her way, there won’t be any spring festival to enjoy.  Hydia wants to show her daughters, Reeka and Draggle how to be evil.  In doing so, Hydia makes this clay stuff called smooze to destroy the little ponies’ festival.  When Gusty gets smoozed, she’s not too nice and is especially hard on Fizzy, since Gusty was always hard on her.

After Magic Star, an earth pony, can’t get the smooze off of Gusty using water, Wind Whistler and North Star suggest to go ask Megan for help.  Upon arriving at Megan’s house, the two pegasi are introduced to Megan’s six year old sister, Molly and their annoying brother, ten year old Danny.  Molly is riding

Megan’s old pony, TJ.  After Molly successfully jumps TJ over a bail of hay with Megan snapping a picture proudly, Wind Whistler explains the problem to Megan who readily agrees to help and lend a hand, including the Rainbow of Light.

          Naturally, Molly wants to come too.  And Danny can’t be left alone, so Megan grudgingly brings him too.  She doesn’t’ mind bringing Molly because the two are really close, but Danny is a different story.  In any case, once the three children and the two pegasi return to Ponyland, the rest of the little ponies meet Megan’s siblings and Fizzy takes an instant liking to Molly and the two become close friends fast.  Molly teams up with Fizzy through the whole movie and won’t stand to see any harm come to her.  Fizzy does the same for Molly.  Megan gets in a few scrapes herself, but Wind Whistler is

always there to save the day.

          By this time, the smooze has completely covered Dream Castle and eaten up the Rainbow of Light. Everyone is beginning to lose hope, but Megan refuses to do the same thing.  Fizzy is the only one besides Megan and her siblings and Wind Whistler, who is thinking positively at this point.

          Megan restores everyone’s faith by singing a song called “There’s Always Another Rainbow”.  (This is My favorite MLP song ever! It’s also the motto I live by.)  After Megan is done singing, she takes a trip to see the Moochick, along with Fizzy and Wind Whistler. After they explain the prroblem to the Moochick, he suggests different homes for them and finally strikes gold when he produces Paradise Estate.  He then tells Megan and the little ponies to go and seek the help of the Flutter ponies who live in Flutter Valley.  They are the only ones who can stop the smooze.  So Megan, Molly, Fizzy, Wind Whistler, Magic Star, and Danny go off in search of the Flutter ponies.  They find them, only to discover that the Queen, Rosedust isn’t  interested in helping them at

all. It’s only after Megan tells her that it’s “everybody’s fight”, does Rosedust realize how narrow minded she was being and agrees to help.


          After everything is put back to normal, Megan gives the Rainbow of Light to Baby Lickety-Split and leaves with her siblings to return home over

the Rainbow.


          After the movie, “My Little Pony and Friends” debuted in the year 1986.  It followed the same adventures of the little ponies and their Human

friends, Megan, Molly and their brother Danny.  Along with the children and the litel ponies, there was a dragon named Spike, and of course the Moochick.

 There were many good lessons in the show, most of them taught by the ponies and Megan.  They taught friendship, tolerance and most of all kindness and

remember to always look twice at what’s on the inside before judging anyone.