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How Touched by an Angel Touched My Life

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How TBAA Touched My Life



I first was introduced to Touched by an Angel through  I read stories about it and they were written very well.  They were written so well in fact, that I found myself wanting to see the show they were based on.  The stories were written by an author on by the penname of Ms. Wings.  I highly recommend her stories to anyone who reads my TBAA story.  She is an amazing writer with a real God given talent for writing!


Back when I read those stories, my favorite angels at that time were Gloria and Monica.  The funny thing was, while I was reading the stories, I heard Monica with an Irish accent and Gloria played by Valerie Bertinelli, even though I had no idea who Valerie was at the time.  I also got Tess’s voice right to be Della Reese.  I guess it’s a gift of being visually impaired.  I never forget a voice.  And if the fanfiction is written well enough, I can hear it and see it in my mind like an episode.


But the funny thing was, when I first saw Gloria in an actual episode of Touched by an Angel courtesy of my sister, Heather, I didn’t’ connect the Gloria from the TBAA stories I had read to the one on the screen.  Even though her voice was the one I had associated her with.  It didn’t help that she was new and I was used to Monica and Tess.  Therefore, I didn’t like Gloria at first at all!  But as I continued to watch episodes with Gloria in them, she grew on me over the next few weeks and now I LOVE her!  We have a lot in common.


My sister, Heather, who I love to pieces introduced me to Touched by an Angel six months ago and it has helped me both emotionally and spiritually.  Heather is also the person who brought me to know the Lord on May 18, 2006, around 2:00 AM.  I’ve always believed in God and prayed before, but after that night, my life was a lot more peaceful.


I came from a broken and abused home life.  My biological mother never wanted me and would show it by not cooking for me and sometimes she would hit me.  But her verbal abuse was what hurt the most.  Despite my difficult childhood, I’ve always believed in God and I’ve seen Him work in my life for the better.  But after watching TBAA, I learned that God really did love me.  He showed me that through a very special angel named Monica.  Tess also helped me a lot.  Her words of wisdom encouraged me and her spunk made me laugh.  But it was Monica’s gentle and kind ways, mixed with her gentle Irish lilt and her truthful words that really helped me heal.


My favorite angels are Gloria, Monica and Tess.  Gloria, because she and I have a lot in common. We are both very innocent and children at heart and we have very good memories.  We also tend to take things very literally at times and we both want nothing more than to please the Father.  As for Monica, we both love taking care of the wee ones and we have big hearts.  And like Tess, I can get through to people without being vulgar about it. 


My bio mother cursed a lot and most of the time, it was at me.  It was by the grace of God that I was able to not pick up one single vulgar word from her.


I’ve always believed in the power of prayer and I’ve seen it change my life for the better. 


One of my favorite episodes of TBAA is called Venice.  I LOVE it because it really touched me. 

          The reason is, there may come a day when I wake up and will be completely blind.  I’m afraid of that day, but at the same time, I can’t wait for it to come.  I think of my visual impairment as a blessing from God.  I turn my disability into an ability by teaching people about it.  I want to inspire as many people as I can.  I may not be able to see with my eyes, but I see where most other people cannot.  I see with my heart and it’s the best source of sight God could have given me.  I thank my Heavenly Father for that gift every day. 

          As far as my disability or blessing goes, TBAA has portrayed it very well.  I love the way they created Annie’s character and how she expressed going blind.  It was Monica’s revelation that touched me the most.  Monica tells Annie that God didn’t’ want her to see with her eyes, He wanted Annie to see with her heart.  When Monica started to say that, I started crying and I said it along with her.  That part really touched me.  I wrote a letter to Roma, thanking her for what she did for me as Monica.


Touched by an Angel has changed my life for the better and there should be more shows like it on the air.  I praise and thank God for inspiring the producers and writers to create such a wonderful, spiritual and loving show that inspire millions to not give up hope, but instead to seek the Father’s love and comfort.  I also thank God for the wonderful cast members who brought the angels we have all come to know and love to life.  Roma, Valerie and Della have done a fantastic job.  The same goes for John, Alexis and Charles as well.


What other show can you turn on and hear God loves you?  None as far as I know.  And a lot of people need to hear it.  Whether they are hearing it for the first time, like I did thanks to TBAA, or having it reaffirmed for them, it doesn’t matter.  It still helps them.  And yes, I knew God loved me, but nobody had ever told me before.  And to hear Monica’s gentle and compassionate voice say it, brought me to tears the first time I heard her speak those three words of comfort and truth.  And you know what, I never forgot it.  And it puts a song in my heart and a smile on my face every time I hear either Monica or Gloria say God loves you in an episode.  Tess as well.


My favorite episodes are:  Kassy’s Choice, The Pact, Venice, Netherlands, Song for My Father, Holy of Holies, The Word, Two Sides to Every Angel, The Blue Angel, For All the Tea in China, Root of All Evil, Hello I Love You, Tough Love, The Last Chapter, Life Before Death, Voice of an Angel, Dear God, A Delicate Balance, For Such a Time As This,At the End of the Aisle, Psalm 151, Black Like Monica, Operation Smile, Great Expectations and An Angel by Any Other Name.


I also wrote letters to Roma, Valerie and Della, thanking them as well. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my TBAA story and I hope it has inspired you or helped you in some way.

Remember, God loves you!




I was just wondering if you would sign my TBAA petition. I’m hoping and praying that if Hallmark sees it, they will reconsider taking TBAA off their station. I also wrote to them, telling them how much Touched by an Angel has touched my life. If more people write to them, telling them their own TBAA stories, maybe Hallmark will put the show back on in reruns one more time. Please sign my petition and hopefully, we can save Touched by an Angel!

Remember, God loves you!



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