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Recently, I completed my second book.  The book is called Kasie’s Gift.  It’s not published as of yet, but I am hoping to get it out within the next month or so.  But in order to do that, I need some help from everyone who visits this site!  I’m going to post the summary for Kasie’s Gift, along with the whole first chapter of the book.  I’m doing this to see if people like it and want to read more.  I have a feeling this book is going to reach a lot of people.  When people visit this site and if they happen to read this section and like the first chapter of Kasie’s Gift, let me know by dropping me an e-mail.  Just send it to:


Or you can just leave a message on the message board as well!  Look for the link in the links section!

I really appreciate everyone’s help with this.

Remember, God loves you!


                                                           THE BEST GIFT OF ALL



If you had one chance to help someone, would you do it?  If you only had one chance to make a person’s life better, even if it meant never getting to do what you wanted to do, would you still go for it?


Meet ten year old Kasie Burke.  When Kasie sees a news report about a little girl in need of help, Kasie doesn’t think twice and springs into action.  She wants to help this little girl, even though she doesn’t know her.  There’s only one problem=Kasie only has one month to reach her goal.  Will this discourage her or help her persevere?  Find out in this heart warming story about a special little girl who despite her own troubles, will stop at nothing to give another little girl the best gift of all-the gift of freedom.