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My TBAA Fanfiction

My TBAA Fanfiction
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Here are some of my TBAA stories I’ve written.  I hope everyone enjoys reading them!  Feedback is greatly encouraged and welcomed!  Just e-mail me at: to tell me what you think!

Remember, God loves you!



One Angel, One Difference

Fear. That’s all Five year old Kassie Burke feels whenever her mother hits her. Sometimes, it only takes one angel to make a difference in someone’s life.  Will Gloria be the angel Kassie so desperately needs?


Rating:  PG (Child abuse.)




Father's Day

Glorias daughter, Kassie, shows the angels what Father's Day is really about. Takes place at the end of One Angel, One Difference. RR


Rating:  G




Her Last Lullaby

Takes place after the episode ‘The Pact.  Rafael restored something for Melanie that the young girl thought was lost forever. Now, as Melanie fights for her life, can Rafael help her find one last miracle?


Rating:  PG



First Steps to Trust

Takes place after the episode, Heaven's Portal. Gloria is convinced that Tess hates her. Tess is determined to prove Gloria wrong. Tess wants to show Gloria she loves her the same way she loves Monica. Will Gloria give her the chance


Rating:  G


Perfect for His Plan

Part 1 of 2. When Monica plans a vacation to the beach for Gloria, Tess and herself,, the angels are in for a few unexpected events. Meanwhile, the Father has set a plan into motion. And He has the perfect angel in mind for the assignment.


Rating:  PG (Child illness.)



The Truth is Better

Takes place within Netherlands. Gloria helps Madeline through her last hours on earth.


Rating PG (Child death.)



Sequel to The Truth is Better. Gloria must help a town deal with the bombing that occurred nearly a year before. But in order to do that, Gloria must first come to terms with a loss of her own.

Right Where She Belongs


My version of how TBAA’s Series Finale, I Will Walk With You should have ended. Gloria isn’t ready to say good bye to her supervisor and best friend just yet.  Little does Gloria know what surprise the Father has in store for both her and Monica.


Rating:  G


An Even Better Gift

Takes place at the end of Song for My Father. Gloria helps Sara through the surgery and aftermath of not being able to sing. Will Gloria be able to help Sara get ready to receive another gift from the Father?



Rating:  G