Mae Whitman Appearances

Here is a list of Maeís appearances. Iím listing the ones that I know only. If there are any Iíve missed, please feel free to let me know via e-mail. TV: American Dragon Jake Long: Rose/Huntsgirl Avatar: The Last Airbender: Katara Thief: Tammi Movies: Bondage: Angelica The Jungle Book 2: Shanti Wild Thornberrys Movie: School Girl Firedog: Tara Other: Anne of Green Gables: Dramatization: Anne I highly recommend this version of this wonderful story! I didnítí like it until I picked up the version Mae was in. Now, I LOVOE it! Mae portrays Anne beautifully and her emotions come through so well. Other Things Mae has done: Mae is on the soundtrack called Schoolís Out: Christmas. She sings a beautiful and awesome version of ďI Heard the Bells on Christmas DayĒ. I highly recommend the soundtrack to anyone. I have it and I canít get enough of Maeís song!

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