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Behind the Mirror An Adventures in Wonderland Fan Site!
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Welcome to my corner of Wonderland!  I’ve wanted to make a web site celebrating my love for Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland, so here I am.  I hope all of you AIW fans have fun here!

As I update the site, Episode Reviews as well as other fun things will be added.  You guys out there who love AIW as much as I do can participate as well!  Just go to the Behind the Mirror page or the Fanfiction page for more details!

There’s only one rule to remember when in Wonderland.  Nobody corrects the Queen!  Otherwise, enjoy your stay!

E-mail any fanfiction submissions to:





I’ve updated the music section with a Hare song and added a song to the music page itself.


In the next few days, I’m hoping to update the fanfiction section with some stories, along with some other stuff.





Updated the Music page with another Alice song and put the guidelines up for fanfiction.  The guestbook is also working now!


Behind the Mirror is born!
Set up the music page and various other pages.