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My AIW World
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                MY AIW Story World



When I write AIW stories, I use my own Alice for them.  I created her for another fandom.  But then I decided to use her for this one too!


My Alice’s full name is Alicen Sierra Kimberly Miller.  I don’t know where in Wonderland I came up with that one, or where I came up with the spelling for her first name.  I just let my creative talents flow with that one.  GOL!  Okay, now that you know her name, time for her appearance and personality.  Alice has bluish green eyes and dark blond hair.


While my Alice enjoys reading and writing, she loves to be outside as well!  She especially loves hanging out with the Tweedles and Hatter!


And yes, my Alice also has a cat named Dinah, but I don’t know if that’s the way they spell it on the show.  Dinah’s a calico with blue eyes and a really cute pink nose.


Alice is very sweet and does her best to help her friends out.  She is polite, but she is NOT afraid to speak her mind to the Queen, unless she knows she’s in trouble.  And usually if Alice is in trouble, the Queen will call her by her full name and tell her to come here at once.  But that doesn’t happen often.  Alice is generally a good girl, but she can get into mischief sometimes, especially when it comes to trying Hatter and Hare’s inventions! 


My Alice lives in Wonderland, as does her little sister, Samantha-Sammie for short.  Although Sammie didn’t officially move there permanently until she was seven-years-old.  That is another difference between my Alice and the Alice on the show.  Sammie also has a cat named Pumpkin.  Pumpkin is orange with green eyes and a pink nose. 


When my Alice was six and Sammie was two, their parents got divorced.  Their father walked out on her and Sammie. 


After that, Alice’s mother started neglecting and abusing the girls-mostly Alice.  Alice sought refuge in Wonderland and spent more and more time there.  As she did, her bonds with the Hatter and Tweedles and the Queen grew stronger.


Anyway, Alice and Sammie went to live with their Grandmother, Gran, until the Queen adopted Alice when she was six and then Sammie when she was seven.


Before her parents got divorced, they would often fight a lot, which kept Alice awake.  Finally, Alice got tired of being put in the middle between her parents and went to Wonderland to find some peace.  Once there, the Queen noticed Alice was acting strange.  She was more clingy with Hatter, but she wouldn’t’ say what was wrong. 


The next day, Alice skipped school to go to Wonderland and she was still acting weird.  She even talked back to the Queen, which Alice knows is a big no-no.  The Queen put her on time out and then ordered her, gently, but sternly to tell her what was wrong.  Alice did so and explained that she skipped school because that day was family day and she didn’t have a family.


After Alice was done explaining everything to her Majesty, the Queen took matters into her own hands and adopted my Alice.  From then on, Alice lived there. She still goes home to see her grandmother and aunt from time to time, but Wonderland is Alice’s home.


Also, my Alice has been calling the Queen ‘Mommy ever since she was five until she was ten.  After she turned nine or ten, it was always Mom or ‘Your Majesty.  Sammie caught on and started calling her Majesty Mommy as well.  She called her it from the time she was six until she was eleven.


The Tweedles are another big part of my stories.  I like them a lot and therefore, I make them like my Alice’s big brothers so to speak.  She’ll go to them with a problem she can’t tell the Queen about and they always help her.  Dee calls Alice “sis” or “Alie” (Alley but spelled Alie).  He is the only one who calls her that, nobody else.  The three are often seen hanging out together and Alice helps the Tweedles with projects they need to do for the Queen. 


Besides the Tweedles, Alice loves hanging out with Hatter!  If she’s not at the palace or with the Tweedles, she’s most likely with Hatter and Hare, helping Hatter with an invention or sampling his latest tea and just having a good time.


My Alice drops her “R”s at the end of her words and sometimes her “G”’s too. This isn’t a speech problem, it’s the way I created her.  She has a sort of Boston accent if you will. 


Aside from my own Alice and her little sister and their living situation, all the other characters are the same.  I don’t change a thing about them. 


Now for the part you’ve probably been waiting for.  GOL!  The whole Hatter/Hare invention thing!


I got the idea from the episode called “Hair’em Scar’em” believe it or not.  GOL! 


My story is called “Tea is for Truth”.  In that one, my Alice goes to Hatter and Hare’s and they have her try out a new tea they made.  Alice likes it, but she feels dizzy afterwards.  She brushes it off and then goes to see the Queen.  When she gets there, the Queen asks Alice what she thinks of her new robe and Alice can’t answer her at first. She feels a tingle on her tongue and what she says next, surprises everyone, especially Alice!  The Queen isn’t pleased and sends Alice to her room for a cool off time.  After that, the Queen demands that Alice apologize, but Alice can’t do it.  Alice gets help from the Tweedles, but just manages to hurt their feelings too.  She doesn’t know what’s going on and wants it to stop. She wants her mother and brothers to forgive her, so she decides to sleep on it.  When she wakes up, she goes into the kitchen to find the Duchess there.  Things get pretty interesting so to speak and the Queen finally figures out what was going on.  It was the tea Hatter made that is making Alice tell the truth all the time. But the only problem is, Hare can’t figure out what the secret ingredient is!  You’ll have to read  to find out what it is, but trust me it’s funny!


As for Alice’s first adventure, you can read that story on  It’s called “Her First Adventure.”


But a short version of it is this:  When Alice was four years old, three months before Sammie was born and right when her parents started arguing, she received a mirror for her fourth birthday. 


Alice enjoyed playing dress up with her friends and stuff like that.  And she would always want to see what she looked like in the mirror. 


One night, when Alice’s parents were fighting, Alice couldn’t take it anymore and tried to find a safe place to hide.  She ended up crashing into her mirror.  But instead of glass shattering, she slipped right through it and that’s when her First Adventure in Wonderland really began.