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Mae Whitman: A True Rose of Inspiration ďGodís in His Heaven. Allís right with the world.Ē Anne. Hi everyone! Metai ae! Lauren here. I wanted to create a web site dedicated to my favorite actress, Mae Whitman. She is a true inspiration to me and my dream is to meet her one day. After searching the internet and coming up with substandard web sites, or sites that didnít have much of what I was looking for, I decided to create one myself. I hope this site will show Mae in a good light and shine upon some of her TV and Movie Appearances and show why she is a true inspiration to me. Also, I hope everyone who visits this site has fun and can learn a little bit about Mae as well. I will also be putting up a little bio about myself as well. Feel free to check it out. Also, feel free to Contact Me via e-mail at: Or on MSN Messenger: And donít forget to sign my guestbooks and support Mae Whitman in that regard! May the light of God shine upon everyone and keep them safe

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Hey there! Lauren here! I hope everyone is doing well. If anyone would like to get in contact with me regarding this site or any other Mae Whitman related question, you may do so by either e-mailing me: or IM me on MSN Messenger: Or you can always private message me on! Hope to hear from everyone soon! May the light of God shine upon you and keep you safe Mesai an for now